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We are an agency specializing in Transferable Development Rights (TDR) in GHMC and HMDA. we work in the real estate and specialize in TDRs in GHMC and HMDA. Our expertise lies in assisting landowners in selling their development rights (TDR) to third parties, who can subsequently utilize them to enhance the level of development in a different place. These TDR transactions are easily and transparently facilitated by our agency.

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TDR Education and Consultation
  • Our agency provides education and consultation services to property owners, developers about the usage,benefits and mechanisms of TDRs.

  • We offer seminars, workshops, and training sessions to increase awareness about TDRs for TDR owners and prospective TDR buyers.

TDR Sales
  • Act as intermediaries between property owners looking to sell their development rights and developers seeking to purchase additional development capacity.

  • Our agency facilitates negotiations, agreements, and transactions between the selling and buying parties.

  • We offer legal and financial expertise to clients involved in TDR transactions, ensuring that contracts are well-drafted, negotiations are fair, and financial arrangements are transparent.

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